Services Ltd - who we are

Services Ltd works with clients as they aim to become excellent organisations. Our roots are in the excellence movement from which we have developed into an organisation expert in offering a range of consultancy, training and organisational development services. Our clients range in scale from the large, Rolls Royce, Birmingham City Council, The Highways Agency to SMEs. We have worked for a number of British government departments such as The Benefits Agency, Employment Service, DTI as well as departments of the Hong Kong, Indian, and Dubai Governments. As our client portfolio has grown, so has our capability to provide strategic consultancy and facilitation. We are in the position of being able to offer a wide range of services throughout organisations, including at the most senior levels.

Prof. Tony Bendell is our Managing Director, he provides support and facilitation to all projects that Services Ltd take on. Each client has a designated Liaison Manager, who ensure that communication between all parties is effective and mistakes are not made. In addition, administration staff have an active involvement ensuring that Services Ltd. delivers an exceptional standard of service.

Together, we form a formidable team. We are always contactable, we are flexible, we have up-to-date skills and experience and we are nice people to work with!





Professor Tony Bendell - founder of Services Ltd