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Support for Six Sigma implementation in your business, from the European Leaders in manufacturing, engineering and transactional applications in the private and public sectors.

Professor Tony Bendell and his colleagues at Services Ltd. have been designing, developing and delivering training and mentoring support, and providing direct implementation assistance for Six Sigma programmes for many years. Our programmes include Manufacturing and Service based Design for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma and with our unique expertise we are able to integrate Six Sigma development with both top-level business objectives and other initiatives.

“Working within the MOD environment it is essential that resources are used efficiently and that on no account one loses sight of the purpose and direction.  Keeping up to date is also crucial.  With this in mind, Services Ltd's Six Sigma training programme, delivered by experts in their field, enabled us to quickly take on board the Lean Six Sigma approach and apply appropriate methodologies for immediate benefit.  Services Ltd are definitely good people to do business with.” Mike Cumberland; Logistics Consultant, SCS

Design, Development and Delivery of In-Company Programmes

Services Ltd. has considerable experience of working with senior management to design, develop and implement successful Six Sigma programmes. We believe that it all starts with Senior Management and that their understanding of the concepts and requirements of Six Sigma and of their own roles are crucial if Six Sigma programmes are to be successful. A key aspect here is the need to customise such introduction to meet the specific company and site history and circumstances and the nature of the Six Sigma programme being introduced. For this reason, Services Ltd. has developed a flexible tailored approach to Management Awareness and Champion training. Typically this will incorporate an initial site visit to scope the requirement, followed by a one to two-day senior management awareness session run on or off-site.

Additional training modules are available for Champions who will take significant roles in ensuring that the programme and project implementation works effectively. For management, we also offer a Six Sigma Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Services Ltd. believes that successful Six Sigma programmes need to be designed and implemented to fit the site and organisation rather than implemented as generic “off-the-shelf” solutions. For this reason, our preference is to commence the introduction of Six Sigma in an organisation through the undertaking of a strategic stocktake on-site to evaluate whether the current circumstances are right for implementation, necessary prerequisites, potential benefits, likely barriers and their solutions.

Typically, this stocktake will incorporate an initiatives, skills, attitudes, processes, performance, structures and strategy review. Various formats are available for this but, depending on circumstances, one of our preferences is to use a simplified assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model criteria. Following the stocktake an appropriate form and timetable for Six Sigma implementation can be agreed with local or corporate management.

Professor Bendell and colleagues will be happy to discuss in more detail our in-company support services.

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