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We have an extensive client base in the UK and Internationally for our consultancy and training in all aspects of Business Process Improvement, Six Sigma, Quality and Productivity Improvement and Process Management.

Since its founding 25 years ago, Services Ltd. have prided itself on offering a fully customised support service to our clients. Services Ltd.’s trainers/consultants typically spend a considerable proportion of their time working directly on client process improvement projects as well as undertaking training assignments. This keeps their extensive experience and skills live and relevant. We prefer to focus on ‘learning’ rather than ‘training’ - i.e. our approach is delegate-centred and developmental.

In-House Help

Modular Public Course - Improving Your Business Processes, 2 to 10 day programme

In-house Help

Services Ltd. have considerable experience of working with senior management to design, develop and implement successful Process Improvement programmes. We believe that it all starts with Senior Management and that their understanding of the concepts and requirements of Process Improvement and of their own roles are crucial if Process Improvement programmes are to be successful. A key aspect here is the need to customise such introduction to meet the specific organisational and site history and culture as well as the nature of the Process Improvement programme being introduced. For this reason, Services Ltd. has developed a flexible tailored approach to developing Management Awareness and Champion training. Typically this will incorporate an initial site visit to scope the requirement, followed by a one to two-day senior management awareness session run on or off-site.

Additional training modules are available for Champions who will take significant roles in ensuring that the programme and project implementation works effectively. For management, we also offer a Process Improvement Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Services Ltd. believe that successful Process Improvement programmes need to be designed and implemented to fit the site and organisation rather than implemented as generic “off-the-shelf” solutions. For this reason, our preference is to commence the introduction of Process Improvement in an organisation through the undertaking of a strategic stocktake on-site to evaluate whether the current circumstances are right for implementation, necessary pre-requisites, potential benefits, likely barriers and their solutions.

Typically, this stocktake will incorporate an initiatives, skills, attitudes, processes, performance, structures and strategy review. Various formats are available for this but, depending on circumstances, one of our preferences is to use a simplified assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model criteria. Following the stocktake an appropriate form and timetable for Process Improvement implementation can be agreed with local or corporate management. Typically the next stage is process definition, specification and potential redesign.

"Improving Your Business Processes"

'Wonderful environment', 'v.v. good lecturers', 'no need to take notes - v. comprehensive notes','the involvement was excellent and all hands-on work was well prepared', 'very welcome environment', 'professional throughout', 'time to work through and participate in using the Quality Tools rather than just listening''need to talk further back at work! Hope to be able to pass this training on'.


A unique opportunity in your busy schedule to learn and interrelate with the experts and take stock of current performance and implementation of improvement.

Its content includes the latest applied thinking in the area, workshop sessions and plenty of opportunities for discussion of specific implementation issues back at base.

The Programme runs over two months and is modular in nature so that, if you really cannot afford the time investment, you can cherry-pick the most relevant parts.

The programme

Great reviews have been received about this new programme that focuses on the need to improve Business Processes, the specification of requirements for systems solution, the reduction of mistakes and waste and the protection against variation in demand and performance. The programme includes system capture and specification methods, principles and practises of the Lean Organisation, Poka Yoke and Six Sigma and the Planning of Process Development and Improvement.

Workshop Content includes:

Reflective Learning Techniques: 1 day

·Personal Objectives · Changing Behaviour · Change Process - Proshaka

Module 1 - Specifying Your Processes: 2 days

· Why and How· Convincing Others· Definition and Preparation· Documentation Requirements· Team Roles and Consultation· Process Capture· Use of Tools and Templates· Process Training

Module 2 - “LEANing” Your Processes: 2 days

· Theory of the Lean Organisation· Types of Waste· Process Walks and The Identification of Waste· Potential Saving Opportunities

Module 3 - Controlling Variation in Your Process Performance: 2 days

· The Six Sigma Philosophy· The DMAIC Project Management Process(Define; Measure; Analyse; Improvement; Control)· Project Applications and Case Studies

Module 4 - Planning Process Development and Improvement: 2 days

· Where to Start and What to Do· Where are you now and Where do you want to be?· How to Get There· Policy and Strategy Issues· The Impact of e-Requirements and Technology· Training and Support Requirements

Learning Review: 1 day

· Programme Summary· Continuous Personal Development· Review Personal Objectives

Course fees per delegate

Impoving Your Business Processes Programme (10 days): £1,950 + VAT

Individual Modules (2-days): £650 + VAT

10% discount for 3+ delegates

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Process Improvement