May 2014 : Three exciting NEW developments in the Services Limited group!

The Anti-Fragility Academy


Building Anti-Fragile Organisations

Our associated company, The Anti-Fragility Academy was set up by Professor Tony Bendell, alongside other leading proponents of the theory, to provide support to organisations and business leaders to make their organisations less fragile and more anti-fragile.

The Anti-Fragility Academy is proud to include a distinguished group of experienced executives, academics, practitioners, senior managers, consultants and trainers. These include Tony Bendell, the MD of Services Limited and well-known author of the forthcoming book 'Building Anti-Fragile Organisations' published by Gower in June 2014. Professor Tony Bendell is committed to making organisations less fragile and more anti-fragile. This was the rationale behind his establishment of the Anti-Fragility Academy in 2012, for whom he acts as Lead Trainer.

Courses, assessment and support are available now.


Services2Education is a new Division of Services Limited which is already extending our work and offering a customised service in the Education sector, after recruiting a new highly experienced Director in the sector, Charmaine Roche. Services2Education offers customised Consultancy, Courses and Coaching to school and college leadership teams and staff. 

Public courses include:

Other programmes cover Lean School Administration, Literacy across the Curriculum, EAL best practice in whole school provision, and English subject development.

Customised and public courses, Coaching and support are available now.

Please contact Charmaine for further information:


Lean eLearning Programmes

Services Limited`s highly respected 10-day delegate project based Master Lean Belt, and our 3-day Lean Management, courses are going on-line! Working in partnership with Good eLearning these courses are almost ready to go live.

Watch this space


Old News:

Excellence Pays!
Professor Bendell speaks at Gresham College

Whilst many of us believe that the pursuit of Quality and Excellence is worthwhile for its own sake, there is usually a need to put forward a business case for investing resources in improvement. Far too oftern, Quality professionals argue that it is as an inherent truth that Quality pays. Where is the proof?

Until recently there has been, across Europe, very little proof. Now, however, an international team of academic researchers led from the Centre of Quality Excellence at the University of Leicester, has extended work in the United States by Vinod Singhal at Georgia Institute of Technology. Prof. Tony Bendell who was Director of the Centre of Quality Excellence at the time gave a talk on the study and its results at Gresham College, Hallam during late 2007. (

Gresham College has a special place in the City of London, having given free public lectures for over 400 years. The College is named after Sir Thomas Gresham, son of Sir Richard Gresham who was Lord Mayor in 1537/38 and who conceived the idea of building an Exchange modelled on the Antwerp Bourse. Sir Thomas’ fine mansion in Bishopsgate was the first home of Gresham College. It was there that the Professors gave their lectures until 1768, their salaries being met from rental income from the shops around the Royal exchange which Sir Thomas had bequeathed jointly to the City of London and the Mercers’ Company. Int later years lectures were given in various places in the City until the consturction of a new Gresham College, opened in 1842, in Gresham Street. The College has been based at Barnard’s Inn Hall since 1991.