Lean Training

Lean Training

“It is not an overstatement to say that the course absolutely fundamentally changed my whole outlook on life and now that my eyes have been opened, I could never go back to the "Dark Side" Jeremy Heaven, Process Manager, Orange PCS Ltd.

How much waste is there in your organisation?
What can be saved and how?

All organisations have waste. Some is unavoidable, much is not. These purpose-designed programmes focus on the effective practical methodology for waste identification and removal in organisations of all types in the manufacturing, service and public sectors.

The key programmes are the Master Lean Belt programmes which, through taught material and project work, develop experienced practitioners and champions of Lean operations. These programmes have received EXCELLENT feedback from delegates coming from a diverse range of industry backgrounds. Please call us for further information on 0115 9669460 and/or click on links below for course descriptions; venues and costs.

Certificated Lean Open Programmes 2017:

Lean Transformation Executive Overview (1-Day Programme)


Lean Management for Managers (3-Day Programme)


Certified Master Lean Belt (10-Day Programme)


ISO18404:2015 Lean Practitioner Course


ISO18404:2015 Lean Expert Course


-Reducing Waste- Eliminating Bottlenecks- Increasing Customer Satisfaction-