3-day Getting Started with Lean

“Excellent - a must for those thinking of implementing Lean in their organisation.”“Very useful and enjoyable, useful tools & techniques to take back to the office.” “Really good - would definitely like more!”

3-day Getting Started with Lean

The principles of Lean thinking were developed in manufacturing applications in Toyota after World War II. The methods were subsequently found to be universally applicable and were rapidly adopted by other Japanese and Western manufacturing and service companies and, more recently, the public sector. The essence of Lean thinking is focusing on the Value Stream, eliminating all activity, processing and cost that adds no value to the product or service delivered to the customer. Lean thinking also incorporates the five key principles of: value recognition, the identification of waste, the achievement of single process flow, pacing by pull signal based on customer demand and the continuous pursuit of perfection to embed gains achieved.

This three-day Lean Course has been developed to assist delegates in their understanding of the key concepts of Lean and the pursuit of a Lean organisation, facilitating them to manage, support and lead Lean Transformation.

Led by Professor Tony Bendell, the course centres on the Lean methodology and practise of improvement by focusing on the value stream and the elimination of waste. As well as Lean tools, the course discusses cultural and management issues in Lean change and provides the opportunity for the tutors to assist delegates in planning and deploying the approach in their specific areas. As part of the training package, delegates will also have access to an on-call advisory service from Services Ltd. following the training programme and, if they wish, delegates can complete further training modules to achieve ‘Master Lean Belt’ status.

Is it right for me?
Suitable for individuals who are:
• in organisations considering applying the Lean Enterprise approach
• responsible to support/monitor the success of Lean improvement or business improvement projects of all types
• in organisations pursuing the approach, but who have no knowledge of the theory or practice

What will I learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to:
• Understand the nature and practical implementation of the Lean Enterprise approach and toolkit
• Appreciate corporate Lean Enterprise application, roles and responsibilities
• Know how to monitor and champion Lean improvement projects
• Undertake personally simple Lean improvement

What will it cover?
Why Lean?
• The Lean Enterprise Approach
• Why do it?
• Understanding advantages and constraints
• Understanding possible objections

Managing Lean Implementation
• Implementation needs
• Relationship to Quality Management and Six Sigma
• The requirements of Lean Projects
• Roles and responsibilities

The Lean Approach and Toolkit
• Value Mapping
• The 7 Common Wastes
• 5S’s and Visual Management
• Process Measurement
• Process Design/Specification process and process risk assessment

The Manager Role in Supporting Change
• Managing expectations of the programme
• Convincing others
• Facilitating and supporting the change agents

Getting Underway
• Building positive relationships
• Clarifying knowledge gaps
• Planning the process

Course fees

One delegate: £650 + VAT

10% discount of 2+ delegates


Nottingham Venue: Charnwood House, Lowdham, Nottingham, NG14 7DZ.